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Heads Up: Two Unclaimed $50,000 Powerball Tickets Are Expiring Soon

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Here's the deal:

If you're going to waste your money on lottery tickets, pay attention to your numbers and pick up your prize in a timely manner if you happen to win, okay? Otherwise, those of us who wasted money on lotto tickets and DIDN'T win (we're looking at you, Rob Kendall) are going to be exceptionally pissed to an exceptional degree... without exception!

The Hoosier Lottery announced Monday that a couple of pinheads are holding two unclaimed winning Powerball tickets, each worth a cool $50,000, that are set to expire next month.

Honestly, who buys a lotto ticket and then doesn't check the numbers? 

Enjoy helpful information from the Hoosier Lottery, which might jog the memory of the oblivious winners:

One $50,000 ticket was purchased in Munster at Speedway located at 444 Ridge Road on Oct. 20, according to the Hoosier Lottery. The prize expires at 5 p.m. on April 18. The winning numbers are: 16-54-57-62-69 and the Powerball number is 23.

The other $50,000 ticket was purchased in Evansville on Oct. 24 at Chuckles Shell Food Mart located at 1601 S. Green River Road, the lottery says. The prize for this ticket expires at 5 p.m. on April 22. The winning numbers are: 3-21-45-53-56 and the Powerball number is 22.

Check your numbers, people! You're pissing us off! Also, enjoy the clip below from The Chicks on the Right, which is both highly entertaining and mentally nutritious.

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