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The Heart-Wrenching, Final Goodbye to Whitney Houston

The Extremely Dead Superstar Lives on Each Day Through Her Remake of a Dolly Parton Classic. Is It Time to Say "Goodbye" Forever?


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The extraordinarily-talented and very much deceased Whitney Houston has been gone for nearly eight years, but her voice was never silenced.

Houston, a multi-platinum selling pop star who rose to fame in the early 1980s, tragically lost her battle with drug addiction in 2012 while sitting in a tub full of "Mr. Bubble" at the Beverly Hills Hotel. 

Fans were devastated; the public was shocked; the funeral was lovely, you should have been there.

Anyway, Whitney Houston doesn't tour anymore, but her music is heard every Monday-Friday during the Speed Round segment of the Chicks on the Right.

Sadly, there are those for whom we've granted access to the fine programming of WIBC who find the combination of Houston's "I Will Always Love You" and the directly on-mic yelling of Producer Rob Kendall to be an experience that is comparable to a daily root canal without the aid of painkillers. 

The Chicks on the Right have received thousands of emails and letters (two in total) begging for the removal of Whitney Houston from the program. We'd rather see Rob go, truthfully, but whatever.

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