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High School Football Teams Panicked over Government Shutdown

The end is nigh and society is returning to the state of nature with the impending government shutdown.  Your evidence is undeniably stated in a high school football game Friday night featuring an Indianapolis school and a Fort Wayne school.  Players, coaches, and their fans went thunderdome on each other after a defender forced a running back out of bounds in a football like way.  What followed?  Well.. quite a mess.

We're not going to sit on a self-righteous ivory tower and shame the parents and coaches for acting younger than their children and players.  After all, the government is shutting down, and like a blazing asteroid crashing into the continent or an indestructible sea monster eating Japan, those who are good will become deranged with the convenience of a mail service that continues to run on time and a slow down on various federal loan programs. 

There will be consequences, sure, and lousy ones.  Parks will close and military pay checks could be delayed.  But do you know who keeps on, keeping on?  The IRS, God love 'em, always in mid-season form when it comes to grabbing your tax dollars.  That kind of diligence could be better used elsewhere.  Congress, anyone?

Chicks have more this afternoon or in the podcast "10-1-13, 406 DOOM" if you're just now getting up. 

Hug someone close.     


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