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Hillary Clinton Reads Poetry in Awkward Attempt at Performance Art

The Former First Lady Wore a Moo-Moo Dress From The Kim Jong Un Collection


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Whites, blacks, Muslims, Christians, Democrats, Republicans, and farm animals agree: former first lady Hillary Clinton is one choice piece of ass!

Okay, only "chubby-chasers" and farm animals are of that opinion, but she's undoubtedly quite visually stunning - especially adorned in a dress that looks like it was crafted out of leftover fabric from the last time the Clintons had their mansion tented for termites.  

Editor's Note: Mind your manners and stop the smirking! Cankles is watching!

Anyway, you remember how Hillary Clinton got in all kinds of trouble over her Emails? And you know how Hillary Clinton violated federal law, jeopardized national security, and got away with the whole thing without so much as a slap on the wrist? And remember how she lost the presidential election in 2016 because sensible voters couldn't bear the thought of hearing ole' Cankles Clinton's shrill, ear-splitting voice from Hell? Well, she's still not over it; she's still not ashamed of her disastrously poor judgment (Bengazi, anyone?), and she won't go away.

Wednesday, September 11, Cankles put on her finest house dress and spent an hour reading her infamous emails at an exhibition of all 62,000 pages of them in Venice.

What would possibly motivate Pantsuit Patty to show up and participate in such an event? There was a replica of the Oval Office Resolute Desk included in the exhibition. Thus, it gave Cankles an opportunity to play Madame President for an hour.

Have a look:

The Chicks on the Right provided and insightful evaluation of Ms. Clinton's rapidly accelerating loss of sanity, and take it from your buddy Bri, it is the absolute BEST thing you will hear all week.

PRO TIP: Go potty before clicking on the link below. I failed to heed my own advice and wound up getting sent home early from work. 

Seriously, this is funny s***.

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