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Holy Hell: San Diego to Sue TRUMP Administration for Releasing Asylum-Seeking Families

Dear California: Piss Off, You Incredible Morons

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California, you gaggle of unbelievable morons!

San Diego County supervisors are reportedly planning to sue the Trump administration. Why? Because the first-class lunatic, imbecilic, morons of California - America's #1 sanctuary state - are upset with the President over the widespread releases of asylum-seeking families.

For those who came late to the party, President Donald Trump has occasionally mentioned his desire to BUILD A F***ING WALL ALONG THE SOUTHERN BORDER, yet Democrats in Congress - MANY OF THEM FROM CALIFORNIA - are attempting to block efforts to enforce Federal immigration policy.

Since late October, the U.S. has been releasing asylum-seeking families so quickly that they don't even have time to make travel arrangements, merely giving them notices to appear in immigration court. As a result, the families often end up in shelters run by charities and wear thin border town's resources - because that's what happens WHEN CALIFORNIA DEMOCRATS BLOCK EFFORTS TO ENFORCE IMMIGRATION POLICY, YOU MORONS!!

Gee, it's almost like we should BUILD A F***ING WALL! BUILD THE F***ING WALL! Oh, and also: BUILD THE MOTHER F***ING WALL! And furthermore, click the link below to listen to Mock and Daisy eviscerate the liberal lunatics in California, whose problems would go away if we would BUILD A F***ING WALL:

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