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Honeymoon: Party of One

Newlyweds Are Honeymooning Alone, According to New York Times Report

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Times are changing in the era of the Progressive, and nothing is more 'progressive' than a solo honeymoon.

According to an article in the New York Times, couples are now choosing to marry, then take solo vacations, dubbed “unimoons."

The Times article cites research claiming 1 in 4 Americans report they actually get more out of travel when doing it alone.

How romantic.

The Chicks on the Right aren't digging the trend.


"This is whack on every level."


"Yeah, but times are changing because back in the day, people didn't live together for long periods of time before getting married. They didn't test the water and test drive the car for 10 years."


"I guess I'm surprised that people are posting about this on Instagram. 'Hey, I just got married and I'm loving not being with my new spouse.'"


"Yeah, it's definitely weird."

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