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How Big is Herman Cain's Thing? We're About to Find Out

Herman Cain Accuser Threatens to Describe His Private Parts to Congress if He Doesn’t Withdraw

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Any of you fine readers remember when Herman Cain ran for President in 2011? Remember how he was forced to drop out because it turned out he couldn't keep his assorted appendages to himself? Well, Herman's back and taking another crack at the White House! Unfortunately, one of Herm's accusers is back as well, and she's threatening to tell the world about Cain's "junk" if he doesn't withdraw from the race.

Here's how our friends at the Daily Beast put it:

A woman who has accused Herman Cain of having a long-term consensual affair threatened on Thursday to describe “certain parts” of his body to the Senate Banking Committee “to corroborate her testimony” if he doesn’t withdraw his name from consideration for the Federal Reserve Board.

Ginger White first claimed she had a 13-year affair with Cain in 2011, during the Tea Party activist’s presidential campaign. At least four other women stepped forward at the time to accuse Cain, who’s been married for nearly 50 years, of sexual harassment. Two of those women, including Karen Kraushaar, received settlements from the National Restaurant Association over sexual harassment claims they made against him in the late 1990s.

Cain, in an interview during his campaign, acknowledged that White was a “friend,” but denied having had any sexual relationship with her. “I have nothing to hide,” he told CNN at the time.

Well, we'll soon know, won't we Herman? 

By the way, infamous attorney Gloria Allred is getting involved in the matter (because Gloria Allred is always involved in these things). Allred, with her ravishing good looks and disgust for anything with testicles, represented various Cain accusers in the past.

The Chicks on the Right have their own take on the beloved childhood tale of "Herman and His Junk" in the clip below. Click, listen, rinse, repeat.

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