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It's over, folks! Back to ruining the country!

At 12:04 Tuesday, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) ended a 21 hour filibuster attempt when Willie from "Alf" ordered the Senate back to the business of bankrupting our country.  Some stats and facts from Team Cruz in the losing effort:

Word county during:

"Obamacare" – 543   "Affordable Care Act" – 4 "Green eggs and ham" – 15 "Small businesses" – 76, "Make DC listen" – 26, "Listening" – 68, "American" – 420, "Insurance" – 222, "Washington" – 124, "Daddy" – 2,

That last one's sweet, and unless Cruz practiced some rudimentary trash talking to the opposition, "Daddy" would accompany the Senator's reading of "Green eggs and ham" for his two daughters.  Nice to see small business pulling a solid 76.  It's an archaic term from a bygone era, but hey, a 21 hour speech that excludes anything from speaking in tongues to pig Latin should be admired from a talking person perspective sort of way. 

Also, the Senator wore comfortable shoes and John McCain said something later that nobody cared about and Harry Reid tweeted ALLLLFFFFFFF because he was eating a cat. 

That's it.  The CHICKS have more starting at four today. 

(That's a picture of the "pacu" or the ball cutter.  Sure gota purtty mouth). 



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