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Man Banned on Twitter for Threatening Mr. Peanut

Lesson: Don't Threaten Monocled Legumes, or Your Butt is Getting Booted!


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A writer for VICE has been banned indefinitely from Twitter after threatening the life of Mr. Peanut. 

Luke Taylor, who was booted from the social media platform this week, is diplomatic about his suspension, writing in an op-ed piece that this wasn't his "first time menacing the Planters mascot. Or the second. Or the third."

In fact, Taylor claims he has been systematically harassing Mr. Peanut for about four months.

"Sometimes, I promised to destroy him. Other times, I’d doctor a tweet to make it look like he'd done something you’d expect from someone super bourgeois or elitist—I once photoshopped a tweet suggesting that he would use his peanut empire money to avoid a military draft," wrote Taylor.

At one point, Taylor told Mr. Peanut he wanted to "put a bullet in your brain."

Taylor claims he targeted Mr. Peanut because he thought replying to a brand as though the brand were a real person was funny. 

Apparently, Mr. Peanut and his handlers did NOT see the humor in Taylor's threats and genuinely feared for the monocled legume's safety.

The Chicks on the Right have more on this important story in the clip below.

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