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Medical Marijuana Community Turns on Governor Holcomb

Holcomb Believes Marijuana is a Gateway Drug; Will Look at Issue When Legal Federally

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Replacing Gov. Eric Holcomb has become a priority for medical cannabis reform advocates, who say the governor has ignored something they believe will improve Hoosier quality of life. David Phipps. who has been lobbying for cannabis reform, said he will support whatever candidate supports medical cannabis.

"If we did anything this past year, it was prove majority support on this issuer to our governor and he showed us that he just doesn't care if majority support is there or not," Phipps said in an interview with WIBC newsman C.J. Miller. 

Phipps said he believes Holcomb effectively killed the issue for this year's legislative session by scaring off the committee chairs, so that the issue will not get a hearing, much less make it to the floor for a vote.

The Chicks on the Right co-host Daisy has suffered from debilitating migraines for years. Is it time for her to hop on the medical cannabis wagon? 

Okay, so we're not really concerned about Daisy's health. We're just curious what she's like when she's stoned.

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