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Michael Bloomberg China Interview Exposes Astonishing Depth of Political Ignorance

BillionaireSplaining: China's ‘Xi Jinping Is Not a Dictator’

(Screen Capture: Twitter.com/FiringLine)

Journalist and "Firing Line" host Margaret Hoover has an extraordinary gift for exposing liberal ignorance. It was Hoover, after all, who gave Americans their first glimpse into Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's pro-Palestinian views, which the 29-year-old democratic socialist later acknowledged were rooted in a lack of expertise on the issue.

What's great about Margaret Hoover is how friendly and warm she appears in every interview. She doesn't pull "gotcha" questions or go on the attack; she puts her guests at ease and patiently waits for them to paint themselves into a corner.

The latest Democrat to expose his depth of ignorance on "Firing Line" is none other than former New York City Mayor and newly-declared 2020 Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg. 

Bloomberg sat for an interview with Hoover back in September that is getting renewed attention this week following his decision to add his name to the list of Democrats' disastrously doomed Presidential hopefuls.

During that interview, Hoover asked Bloomberg about Greenhouse emissions in China and India.

“The United States currently accounts for about 15 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions," said Hoover. "China accounts for roughly 30 percent… Even if we get to net-zero, how do you get China, India, and the other countries to be good partners?"

Bloomberg's response to the question was astonishing in its confident ignorance.

“The communist party wants to stay in power in China, and they listen to the public," Bloomberg replied. "When the public says ‘I can’t breathe the air’ — Xi Jinping is not a dictator. He has to satisfy his constituents or he’s not going to survive.”

Xi Jinping is NOT a dictator? Surely you jest, Mayor soda tax.

A stunned Hoover attempted to clarify Mr. Bloomerg's comments: “He’s not a dictator?”

“No, he has a constituency to answer to,” Bloomberg replied.

Hoover would let up, however, and kept circling back to the bizarre claim that the Chinese government would listen to its people, citing the protests in Hong Kong as an example.

Check out the video for yourself, which pairs nicely for conservative viewers with a good Merlot:

So the newest 2020 Democratic candidate for President and multi-billionaire is not only a proponent of regressive taxes that unfairly burden the poor; he's also a full-throated defender of Communism!

Even more astonishing than this embarrassing display of Bloomberg's political ignorance was the arrogant and chauvinistic tone he took with Hoover, talking down to her as if she were an unruly teenager who dared to question his authority. Take note, #MeToo supporters.

COTR Pro Tip: Democrat voters should start taking action to plan their post-election "Scream at the Sky" protest now. The earlier you apply for your permits from the city the better. 

The Chicks on the Right have more in the clip below.

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