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Mike Pence Just Applied The Smackdown at the United Nations

Vice President Calls Out Venezuelan Ambassador at UN: ‘You shouldn’t be here’

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Mike Pence is no pushover, nor is he afraid to lay the smack down when it counts.

The Vice President called out Venezuela's United Nations ambassador to his face this week while addressing the body's Security Council, declaring that it is time for Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro to step down.

“With all due respect, Mr. Ambassador, you shouldn’t be here,” he said, looking directly at the representative, Samuel Moncada, who was in the room. “You should return to Venezuela and tell Nicolas Maduro that his time is up. It’s time for him to go."


"The Ambassador was on his phone - he looked like a teenager on his phone, and his face was like, 'Yeah, whatever dude.' Like if I could put a bubble over his head, that's what he would be saying. 'You're not my Dad; you're not the boss of me!'"


"That was very strong, and you could tell it wasn't scripted. He was clearly mad and wanted to get his point across. This was very sincere and genuine rage"

The Vice President also urged the United Nations to revoke the credentials of Venezuela’s ambassador to the world body, portraying him as a loyalist to a government that has allowed crime, violence and starvation to rise.

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