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Mom Given C-Section WITHOUT Anesthesia, Gets $25 Gift Card as Apology

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A California mom who is suing her hospital for allegedly performing a C-section without anethesia says she was given a $25 dollar gift card as an apology. 

“I was crying because I was scared, I didn’t know what was going on. I was laying there and [obstetrician Dr. Sandra Lopez] was like, ‘We have to just do it,’” Delfina Mota, 26, told People.

“That’s when I felt them cut me open. Nurses were holding me down … I could feel her cutting me and, with her hands, opening me. That’s when I passed out.”

Lucky for her.

The topper of the entire traumatic event was when the hospital gave her a $25 dollar gift card as an 'apology."

From People:

"They tried to smooth it over and said, ‘These things happen,’ ” Iheanachor alleges of hospital staff. “They gave us a double room, so I could stay. They gave us a $25 gift certificate to the gift shop. They said, ‘Sorry for what happened, here’s a gift certificate.’ I feel like it was damage control. We were just in shock.”'

The Chicks on the Right discussed the cringe-inducing story on their program Tuesday morning:


"They gave her a $25 dollar gift card to their gift shop."


"Oh great! Yeah, let me get some Skittles, that'll make it all good."


"Here's some Jelly-Bellies." (laughs) "Now this is obviously traumatizing for the woman as well as her husband who months later is having nightmares from hearing his wife's screams."


"Oh, but here's a tote bag with the hospital's logo on it to remember this experience by."

Click the link below to hear this entire hilarious segment from today's Chicks on the Right:

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