Pamela Anderson Clashes with Meghan McCain on "The View," Defends Julian Assange


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Pamela Anderson Clashes with Meghan McCain on "The View," Defends Julian Assange

Meanwhile, Pinup Pamela Implies Julian Assange Respects Her for Her Mind... Uh-huh

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Pamela Anderson, former "Baywatch" actress and dater of Hepatitis-stricken rockstars, had a lively exchange with conservative Megan McCain and liberal hag Joy Behar during a recent appearance on the daily hen gathering known as "The View." 

"Pinup Pam" came under attack after she defended notorious hacker, cyber-terrorist, and smearer of feces Julian Assange, prompting criticism from Behar and McCain.

"He's a cyberterrorist. I'll say it," host Meghan McCain clucked. "I'm not going to stand by this, it's ridiculous," she added.

When McCain asked Anderson what she would tell spies who may be impacted by leaks like Assange's, the star of the most cringeworthy porn video in history replied there wasn't any proof that Assange put anyone at risk.

"I think that people like Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning are heroes - and Julian Assange is a publisher," said Anderson.

"Putin also thinks that," Meghan McCain clucked back, referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Co-host Joy Behar attacked Anderson too, but for reasons rooted in liberals' inability to move past an election that occurred nearly three years ago.  Behar claimed Assange was "responsible" for Trump's election after he revealed private conversations from former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's campaign.

Editor's Interruption: Note that Behar is pissed at the person who showed America the REAL Hillary Clinton rather than holding Clinton responsible for her words and actions. 

"Hillary Clinton is responsible for Trump," Anderson countered.

Editor's Interruption: My God. Pamela Anderson said something smart. What's happening?

Behar responded by asking whether Assange was a Trump supporter given the timing of his leaks on Democrats.

"Well, he wasn't helping Trump," Anderson said. "He was trying to give the American people true information" on Clinton's activities, she added. 

Pinup Pam has come under fire for her romantic relationship Assange, which apparently was spurred by the Wikileaks founder's interest in Anderson's mind.

Editor's Interruption: I see another creepy, homemade porno in Pam's future, and it involves Julian Assange (CENSORED FOR INDECENCY).

See a vomit-inducing photo of Pamela and Assange HERE.

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