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Political Rivals Are Scrambling to Dig Up Dirt on Pete Buttigieg

As the South Bend mayor rises in the polls, his challengers are starting to take him seriously—which means they’re scrambling to dig up dirt on the “kid mayor who nobody knows anything about.”

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The political honeymoon period for Democratic Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is drawing to a close. The 37-year-old Mayor of South Bend was a relative unknown before declaring his candidacy a few months ago. Now that his popularity and name recognition are on the rise, political adversaries are working overtime to dig up the kind of dirt that will inflict severe damage on Buttigieg's credibility and campaign for President.

According to multiple media outlets, Buttigieg's competitors are rushing to file a flood of Freedom of Information Act requests, collecting everything he's ever said in public or posted on social media, and poring over years-old budgets from South Bend, Indiana.

One official from a rival Democratic presidential campaign described Buttigieg as "a 37-year-old kid mayor, who nobody knows anything about."

"He's getting a very significant free pass on a lot of stuff that other candidates aren't getting a free pass on," the official said, citing his willingness to take money from lobbyists as an example. "There's a novelty there. People don't know anything about him, so he can kind of be whatever people want him to be. But if he sustains this, that will come down to earth."

The Chicks on the Right are deeply concerned for poor ole' Gay Pete's campaign and Presidential aspirations. No, really... No, seriously... SERIOUSLY... Okay, they're not. Click the clip below, you COTR super fan, you.

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