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Quite the Character, this one is..

Mayor Rob Ford's reaccuring act of wild man on campus is probably running a touch thin with the people of Toronto.  Earlier in the week, Ford apologized for adding a little crack cocaine to his diet during a spell of hard drinking.  While the admission seems noble, it should be noted that his apology came after his denial of using the narcotic and before the posted video went viral.  The language is very naughty so chase the kids out of the office before clicking play.


Not to judge the horribly afflicted, but the man needs some serious help.  Some his antics since 1999 include:

-Getting escorted out of a Toronto Maple Leafs game for drinking too much and harrassing other fans.

-Showing up at city hall totally sloshed

-Showing up at other public venues totally sloshed.

-Groping a female staffer (alledgedly) while on cocaine (alledgedly).

-Getting clickied for driving drunk.

To continue to apologize and publically admit to the issue without actually getting help is dishonest.   

He continues to get elected to public office so I guess he's one hell of public servant.  Really, it's just wasted potentail until he cleans himself up.  

The Chicks talked about Rob on Thursday's show.  Look in podcasts.  The 418 WIWWP will help you feel better.  It's been a long week but they're here for you. 


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