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Relax Abortion Lovers, Your Right to Kill The Unborn is Not at Risk

Hysterical Liberal Lemmings Raise $1 Million to Pressure Susan Collins to Vote "No' on Kavanaugh

Liberal lemmings in a state of heightened hysteria have raised over $1 million this week for the opponent of Republican Senator from Maine, Susan Collins. Why? Because the right to rip an innocent life from a mother's womb is every Godless woman's God-given right in America, and if Collins votes to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, mega fans of legalized infanticide will suffer... well, basically ZERO consequences beyond having to put a few extra ticks on the odometer of their environmentally-friendly hybrid cars.

See, here's the thing: abortion was legal in several states prior to Roe V. Wade. In other words, even IF that shameful ruling were overturned one day, you can bet your bottom government assistance dollars that California and New York will immediately rush to have more abortion clinics than Starbucks locations in their state. There will be Planned Parenthood clinics on every street corner. Golly, what a day that will be.

Yes, infanticide might become a little less convenient that it was before, and us pro-lifers are just heartsick about that. But why not look for the positives? If you've never been to California, you can make a fun weekend out of it! Tear the innocent life from your womb in the morning and then hit Disneyland in the afternoon! You'll be strolling the grounds of the Magic Kingdom, surrounded by adorable, smiling, joyful children, and thinking to yourself, "Golly, I sure am glad my life won't be burdened with one of those!"

WIBC hosts The Chicks on the Right discussed the bribery for right to infanticide involving Senator Collins on today's show. Click below to check it out:

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