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San Francisco Mural of Greta Thunberg Goes Viral for Wrong Reason

Irony: Tribute to Climate Activist Created with Spray Paint


(Justin Sullivan / Staff/Getty Images)

San Francisco, where public urination is no longer a crime, just debuted an all-new mural that pays homage to creepy climate activist Greta Thunberg. 

The artist behind the 60-foot-tall by 30-foot-wide creation that is 100% guaranteed to frighten young children is Argentine muralist Andres Iglesias, aka "Cobre," who is known for his “hyper-realistic” portraits. Iglesias, bless his heart, agreed to work for free on the project, which was sponsored by the environmental nonprofit One Atmosphere.

Behold its majesty:

Our apologies. That was an image of the creepy twins from "The Shining" - not Greta Thunberg. Still though, the resemblance is kind of uncanny, isn't it?

Anyway, Greta's new mural is being called a triumph of creative expression and a quality distraction from the mounds of feces littered throughout San Francisco's streets. It's also getting slammed on social media by environmentalists and people who enjoy making fun of environmentalists. 

You see, artist "Cobre" created his creepy mural with the aid of spray paints, which critics on social media argue is bad for the environment. 

In the words of Greta:

Well, fret not, environmental enthusiasts! "Cobre" assures that the spray paint he used is environmentally-friendly.

“The thing is, the sprays I use are eco-friendly, and most of the paint is hand-painted with a roller,” Cobre told The Art Newspaper. “[It is] water-based so there is zero impact.”

When asked by The Art Newspaper if he thinks Thunberg will like the project, Cobre responded, “I think she won’t care.”

The Chicks on the Right discussed creepy Greta's new mural on Tuesday's show. Click below to listen.

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