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Sarah Sanders Makes Mincemeat Out of CNN's Jim Acosta... AGAIN

Mock: "His butt-hurt is so severe that he cannot distinguish between fake news and the press."

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Pathetic and petulant child from CNN, Jim Acosta is on a personal mission to be crowned "Most Butt-Hurt Journalist of 2018," and he's playing to win.

Not content with whining about getting heckled at a Trump rally and the President's constant use of the "fake news" label when referring to Jimbo's beloved network, the easily bruised reporter decided to take on White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders during a press briefing on Thursday. 

We suspect that ole' Jim didn't walk away from the exchange with the sense that his feelings were validated, as Sarah very quickly and efficiently made mincemeat out of him. 

The Chicks on the Right discussed the exchange between whiney Jim Acosta and the amazingly tough and unshakable Sarah Huckabee Sanders:


"He just kept trying and trying to interrupt her."


"And when he didn't get his way, he walked out of the press briefing and immediately took to Twitter to whine like a little baby, like he always does."


"He is a toddler. He was trying to coerce her into saying something because his little feelings were hurt. Sit down, Jim!"


"No one gives a crap about his feelings. And the President made it clear that the press is not the enemy - the fake news is the enemy. And Jim Acosta can NOT get that through his head."


"The best thing CNN can do at this point is dump him."

Click the link below to hear the Chicks' full evisceration of little Jimmy Acosta:

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