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Sarah Silverman Goes on Twitter Rant Over Band-Aid Colors

Silverman: "I can’t f**king believe there are still “nude” bras & nylons & BAND AIDS"

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Alleged comedian Sarah Silverman is feeling most fussy indeed over the offensive 'nude' color associated with your standard Band-Aids, bras and panties.

Why such outrage from this increasingly irrelevant entertainer who recently became a two-state solution BFF with spewer of anti-Semitism, Rep. Ilhan Omar? It's quite simple, actually: NOT ALL 'NAKED' IS 'CAUCASIAN NAKED,' yo!

Silverman, who played "2nd American Politics Assistant" in 1998's largely-forgotten "Bulworth," took to Twitter to lament that products like pantyhose and bandages come in shades marked as “nude,” despite the fact that the peachy-beige tone only applies to white folk.

This insensitive oversight by Johnson & Johnson and other anti-diversity corporations who manufacture consumer goods is clearly an offense on par with the Holocaust of Europe, and will likely qualify as a 'crime against humanity' if Beto O'Rourke is elected President in 2020.

“I can’t [expletive] believe that there are still ‘nude’ bras and nylons and Band Aids,” tweeted TDS sufferer Silverman, who was dumped by late-night host Jimmy Kimmel more than a decade ago. “If you are a company still using nude to describe an exclusively Caucasian shade in 20[expletive]19 you need to change now or go tha way of zee dinosaur.”

Hey, wanna see the most intelligent and creative piece of comedy that Sarah Silverman has ever performed?

Great stuff, doll. 

The Chicks on the Right (whose bowels never betray them, FYI) tackle Sarah Silverman's increasing insanity in the clip below. For God's sake, click on it RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT!

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