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Speedround: The Male Chauvinist Pig Edition

Great Debate: Do Women Get Hotter with Age

(Hannes Magerstaedt / Stringer/Getty Images)

It's a very special Thanksgiving Speedround with Jason Hammer and Rob Kendall.

Featuring a special appearance by a "late to the party" Nigel. Yes, he showed up halfway through the segment, but at least he came to work today.  

What happens when a couple of sexually-frustrated, middle-aged men who only shower on special occasions get together for an edition of Speedround? A debate about whether women get sexier the closer they get to menopause. 

Oddly enough, they have a point. Take a look at the evidence:

  • Pam Anderson, 52 and smoking hot.
  • Jennifer Anderson, 50 and smoking hot.
  • Betty White, 97 and smoking hot. (submitted by Nigel)
  • Mock and Daisy. We don't know how old they are, but "me-ow!"

Start your holiday weekend off right with the Speedround edition that's destined to land us all in a meeting with Human Resources next week. 


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