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Transgenders Outraged by Gender-Changing Snapchat Filter

Also, "Know Your Pronouns!"

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Snapchat recently introduced a new filter that allows users to see how they would look as the opposite gender. Most people loved it and enjoyed a nice, innocent chuckle. Transpeople didn't like, however. In fact, they were six shades of pissed about the thing.

The AP notes that "for many people who have longed for a button that would change them in real life, the portrait parade isn’t a game."

“My gender’s not a costume,” Bailey Coffman said in the article from the AP. Coffman is a 31-year-old transgender woman from New York. “This story that I feel is very real. I lost a lot to be who I am, and I fought really hard for the body that I’m in.

“And when certain people post it and write about how silly it is and how goofy they look with this filter,” she says, “it makes light of the transgender experience.”

Well, it's official: laughter and fun are official tools of the bigot and motivated by hate. Please adjust your behavior accordingly.

How did the first-class idiots at Mashable describe the filter?

From Mashable Morons:

What's worse is that this isn't one of the community-made filters available to download or ignore as you please. It's not just one amateur designer's attempt at humor. Coming from Snapchat itself, this means whatever impact the filter has is directly reflective of the company and its biases. This also allows more people to access the filter without having to actively seek it out, which increases its exposure. 

It's a filter, ya'll. In a month or so it'll be old news and Snapchat will be back on the path to extinction. Chill out, lighten up, and catch a flick on Netflix to take your mind off your troubles. "Some Like it Hot," "Mrs. Doubtfire," and "To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything" are all excellent choices. Ooh, wait! Listen to the Chicks on the Right instead. Better.

Also, "Know Your Pronouns!"

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