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UnCooped: Quadriplegic is Newest 'Adult' Video Star

'I want able-bodied people to know that just because someone has a disability, that doesn't mean they no longer have a sex life'

Quadriplegic gay porn star Kenneth Connin wants to show the world his disability doesn’t hold him back.

The newcomer to porn filmed his first scene with Davey Wavey’s porn studio Himeros this month, alongside porn star Pierce Paris.

Connin was involved in a competitive cheerleading accident at the age of 18, which led to him sustaining a spinal cord injury.

Connin has been chasing the 'porn dream' for quite some time. What a heartwarming tale indeed as we celebrate that dreams really can come true.

The Chicks on the Right have more details on Kenneth Connin's new career in the following clip:

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