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You're gonna need help with this..

About 700 of 500,000 eligible Indiana residents purchased health insurance through the federal exchange during the first month of open enrollment.  We're thinking that's on the high side, meaning you can't slow a good Hoosier down by simply shackling them to a boulder while expecting some sort of retention in mobility. 

There's still a lot of mystery (sigh) and questions are abound.  A panel of experts will blissfully answer your questions at a town hall meeting Wednesday night at Marian University.  Follow this link to register.

Mock and Daisy will be hangin with the explosive C. Steven Tucker, who's trying his darndest to level the playing field when it comes to the mainstream media's portrayal of the ACA.  He's appeared on the Chicks on multiple occasions and we're hoping (and praying) that all of the health insurance nonsense wont finally force his head into explosion.  State Representative Tim Brown (he has great hands!) chairs the powerful Ways and Means Committee and is a practicing emergency room surgeon.   You can sneak a peek at Dr. Brown's approach to Obamacare during Tuesday's fantabulous episode of CHICKS. 

Register now and be enlightened. 





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