Chicks on the Right

Photo Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images The Chicks discuss Roy Moore's bizarre YouTube video in which he refuses to go away. Daisy: I love the Bible. I just don't look to my elected representatives to be my preacher. It just makes me a little uneasy.
Photo Credit: The Washington Post/Getty Images A bevy of emotions and observations come from listeners the day after Roy Moore's shocking loss in Alabama .
Photo Credit: Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images Former MLB star Jose Canseco offered a bizarre observation when it comes to sexual harassment allegations. Canseco: I see the difference, I guess, cause I was a good looking guy and these politicians look like a bag of boogers.
Photo Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images The Chicks discuss Donald Trump's tweet about Senator Kirsten Gillibrand that has set the internet on fire. Mock: She is calling for him to be, well basically for him to step down. Right? I mean that's what she's doing. If she's going to come...
Photo Credit: Joel Raedle/Getty Images It was a crazy final day in the AL Senate campaign, with Roy Moore's wife making comments some felt were insensitive to African Americans and Jews. Daisy: Mock looked at me this morning, and she's like, "Is fellowship a verb?" It is in the...
The Chicks offer their take on tormented tween Keaton Jones and his crazy mother.
Photo Credit: Bill Clark/Getty Images A harassment settlement involving Rep. Blake Farenthold is in the news as details begin to emerge. Daisy: He's an unethical you know what. And he's a Republican! Mock: And he needs to go. If we're now in the business of making everybody...
Photo Credit: STR/Getty Images The North Korea leader claims to have scaled an 8,300 foot mountain. However, the photos from the event left the Chicks on the Right questioning the assertion.
Photo Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images The plot thickens. Like, a lot.