Chicks on the Right

The Chicks on the Right discuss President Trump telling allies to pay up before heading to NATO. Daisy: That's the greatest solution ever. What's so hard to understand? Why? Why is it so hard to understand? Mock: How dare the President of the United States suggest we follow laws!
The Chicks on the Right discuss Sarah Palin firing back at comedian Sacha Baron Cohen after he deceived her by portraying a disabled veteran for his television show. Daisy: You've gone way too far when you start mocking disabled American veterans. What are you doing? Photo...
The Chicks on the Right discuss a report that airplane bathroom sizes are shrinking rapidly. Daisy: Listen, I am not that big of a person and I have a hard time turning around in one of those things. Can you imagine if you're a big, fat person? Photo Credit:
In honor of the Miss America Pageant cutting the swimsuit competition, the Chicks on the Right dedicated an entire video to swimsuits. Take a look below.
Michael Moore is uber obsessed with where Bill Clinton's seed landed in the Oval Office.
The Chicks on the Right take a look at President Trump's pick of Brett Kavanaugh to replace Anthony Kennedy at the Supreme Court. Daisy: But I think one of the reasons he did pick Kavanaugh is because he has an easier chance of getting through...I think he has an easier chance...
The Chicks on the Right and Producer Rob Kendall question Governor Holcomb's plan to spend big money on metal detectors for schools across the state. Daisy: And they have one security guard that's going to have like 10 wands on his body? Mock: He's going to have one for each...
The Chicks dive into uncharted transgender waters.
The Chicks on the Right found out that Hillary Clinton is running for President... AGAIN! And what is this about Kylie Jenner ditching her lip filler!? Find out below in this week's Chicks video!