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Deranged Feminist Threatens Murder Over Greeting Card

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Natasha Hodgson is a British singer, actress and feminist who nobody has ever heard of before. Natasha is also a dangerously-unbalanced and exceptionally angry feminist who’s triggered by greeting cards.

Yes, the above greeting cards are not only available for purchase, they’re emotionally traumatizing to dangerously-unbalanced and exceptionally angry feminists. What kind of dangerously-unbalanced and exceptionally angry feminists? How about dangerously-unbalanced and exceptionally angry feminist Sarah Phelps, who also dabbles in screenwriting? 

We can understand Phelps’ focus on screenwriting; she clearly has a gift for articulating herself through the written word. Check it out:

Sexist greeting cards have been oppressing the women’s movement for generations; it must stop NOW. Pick up a spatula and fight back, ladies; your fellow Americans with female genitalia are counting on you. Rise up! Rise up, damn you! And also, listen to the clip below from today’s Chicks on the Right broadcast.


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