Ivanka Trump unveils new haircut. Is this indication of new political ambitions?

Ivanka Cuts Hair, Liberals Panic

(Riccardo Savi / Stringer/Getty Images)

Did you hear the news? Ivanka Trump got her hair ‘did’ and liberal media outlets are in a panic – especially overseas!

The Guardian: “Why Ivanka Trump’s new haircut should make us very afraid”

Express: “Ivanka Trump: Real reason First Daughter cut hair revealed – ‘Knows people will notice’”

The Times of Israel: “Ivanka Trump’s haircut prompts speculation of political hopes”

The New Daily: “Ivanka Trump’s $36 million bob haircut signals she means business”

Refinery 29: “The Real Meaning Behind Ivanka Trump’s Brand-New Bob”

In Style: “What Are All of Ivanka Trump’s Sudden Hair Changes Trying to Tell Us?”

The general theory is that Ivanka Trump cut her hair for the purpose of signaling her grand political ambitions beyond Donald Trump’s Presidency, and that is apparently a cause for panic. This from the same folks who are totally at ease with “The Squad” as the new face of the Democrat party.

Relax, gang; it’s haircut. 

The Chicks on the Right and Producer Rob Kendall discuss Ivanka’s new do in today’s Speed round. Plus, Trump fires off an epic tweet to Turkey, and Bernie’s ratings continue to plunge.


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