A row of empty theater seats are marked with "social distance" signs.

Movie Theaters Are On The Verge Of Collapse

Have you seen any good movies lately at your local General Cinema, Carmike, or Loews? No? Well, that’s because they’re all out of business.

The good news is that you can still see a movie at AMC, United Artist, or Regal Cinema! The bad news is that you better go tonight because there’s a good chance that they’ll all be out of business soon too.

The entire movie theater industry is on the verge of financial collapse. The emergence and explosive growth of content-on-demand have been the primary driver behind the industry’s long-feared inevitable demise. Why pay $15 per ticket when you can ‘Netflix and Chill’ all you want for a monthly subscription? High-profile celebrities glorifying their own narcissism on social media while lecturing us on politics didn’t help much either.

Then came the pandemic, and movie theaters nationwide were forced by the federal and state governments to shut their doors for the sake of our “health and safety.” And as well know, nothing’s healthier than forcing families stay in their homes and isolate from society for months on end…

WIBC’s Rob Kendall and Indy Politic’s Abdul Hakim-Shabazz discussed the demise of movie theater industry on today’s show. Click below to listen.

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