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EXCLUSIVE: The Shocking Leaked Audio of a Hamilton Southeastern High School Teacher Lecturing Students on the Evils of Capitalism

WIBC and the Chicks on the Right have obtained audio of an unidentified Hamilton Southeastern High School teacher delivering an allegedly pro-Black Lives Matter lecture to students on the “disadvantages of capitalism.”

“If I just work harder, if I pull myself up by my bootstraps, then we can achieve the American dream,” the teacher says as the tape begins. “But we know that because of systemic racism, that simply isn’t true. The cards, the deck is stacked against people of color – particularly black people in this country – that makes it virtually impossible for them to achieve those things.”

The teacher continues: “The fact is that Capitalism was built on the exploitation and suffering of black slaves and continues to thrive on the exploitation of the poor – both black and white, both here and abroad.

“But here’s the thing: If we can close that economic wealth gap, that racial wealth gap, it doesn’t benefit just people of color; it doesn’t benefit just the black people living in the U.S.; it benefits the entire nation.

“So what this graph shows is that by closing the racial wealth gap, the United States GDP can be 4-6% higher in just eight years. That’s a huge growth over a very short amount of time. And that’s just by removing some of those systemic disparities that make it much more difficult for black people to prosper, to grow wealth, in this country.

“So when we talk about removing these systems, the systemic racism, the systemic oppression, we’re not doing it just to benefit(sic) black people and people of color.  By removing those systems we benefit the entire country.  And that’s something I think that’s difficult for people to understand, you know, often we hear about reparations or we hear about Black Lives Matter, and there’s this response that people want to have which is that, ‘But all lives matter.’ Well, all lives can’t matter until black lives matter, but look at how we can benefit our entire country, just by, um putting systems into place that benefit those that are most marginalized, and most oppressed.

“So that is my last slide.  Questions? Comments? Thoughts? (long pause) Nobody wants to say anything? All right.  If nobody has any questions, um, or thoughts or comments, then let’s talk about what you have due next week.”

The full, unedited audio is available by clicking on the link below.

A response from the Principal of Hamilton Southeastern was received Tuesday morning following an inquiry from the Chicks on the Right.

Good Morning,

Thank you for reaching out. I would like to add some context to the audio excerpt that has been shared with you. The class is AP Business Administration, which is a college-level course, and the short audio clip comes from a multi-day lesson on the advantages and disadvantages of capitalism and the advantages and disadvantages of socialism.

Have a good day,

Janie M. Ulmer

The Chicks on the Right offered additional commentary on the leaked audio and Principal Janie M. Ulmer’s response in a recent blog post, which can be accessed HERE.

Tuesday afternoon, the following email was received from the parent of a Hamilton Southeastern High School student:

Mock and Daisy,

Thank you for highlighting the indoctrination going on in our school systems right now.

My child who attends HSE High School has been inundated by one particular English teacher this year with constant leftist indoctrination concerning white privilege and systemic racism.  This past Friday she took it to another level when she stated that the difference between capitalism and socialism was that with capitalism, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer while with socialism, the middle class and poor get richer.  Luckily, for the teacher, I didn’t happen to be listening in on that day or she may have gotten a real lesson on economics.  I am tempted to mail her a copy of Thomas Sowell’s “Basic Economics.”

Unfortunately, I am not surprised that HSE is turning towards the leftist indoctrination.  They hired a Director of Equity and Inclusion a couple of years ago and she has unleashed a lot of the current toxicity that I am seeing throughout the high school.  I have heard it is a problem at Fishers HS, as well.  The worst part is that they are failing at their core duties of educating our children.  Just look at the math scores at HSE which continue to go down.  They have actually decreased classroom time in order to give more time to SEEL which stands for Social, Emotional, and Equity Learning.  The kids are coming into high school not even being able to do basic math or being able to write a coherent sentence, but they know all about systemic racism.  It is truly disappointing to see my tax dollars being used for this nonsense.  It is also disappointing to see teachers who do not buy into this deciding to either retire or leave the teaching profession because they are being forced to teach this nonsense.


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