John Cusack Apologizes for Retweeting Anti-Semitic Cartoon

TDS Sufferer John Cusack Retweets and Defends Anti-Semitic Meme, Then Deletes, Then Blames a “Bot”

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Darn it, John Cusack, will you just stop it already? We get it: you hate Trump, but we love “Better Off Dead.” We love “Say Anything,” “High Fidelity,” and “Gross Point Blank.” Heck, we even liked “One Crazy Summer.”

Sure, you’ve made nothing but turds for the last 15 years and your youthful looks have been replaced with middle-age bloat, but in our hearts, you’re still Lloyd Dobler, and Lloyd was NEVER a raging liberal who rarely bathed.

Why do you insist on forcing us to throw out all our DVDs of your films? We paid good money for those! We bought the damn collector’s editions because we were assured that you wouldn’t turn into a typical narcissistic Hollywood a-hole. You violated the agreement! You broke the covenant. You ass!

Consider your actions on Monday of this week. First, you shared and later defended an anti-Semitic meme on Twitter. Then you came to your senses and deleted it. Then you blamed the entire thing on a “bot.” What the hell, man? Lloyd Dobler would NEVER blame a young, impressionable, and totally innocent bot-stander for his mistakes. He’d take responsibility for his actions, throw on his best trench coat, and head over to Mock and Daisy’s to serenade them with 80s pop ballads. 

You know darn well what happened. Heck, you fought back against the criticism initially, and THEN deleted the tweet. Lloyd Dobler wouldn’t have tweeted it in the first place. You know why? Because Lloyd Dobler didn’t have a Twitter account! He was too busy jamming to Howard Jones’ tunes and fixing up his Camaro to pick Mock and Daisy up for a date. Or was that Lane Meyer? You know what? Who gives a crap!

“A bot got me- I thought I was endorsing a pro Palestinian justice retweet – of an earlier post – it came I think from a different source – Shouldn’t Have retweeted… ,” you wrote.

Lane Meyer and Lloyd Dobler wouldn’t have written something like that! Martin Blank from “Gross Point Blank” wouldn’t have written that. Sure he was a professional killer, but at least he wasn’t a liberal goon!

Look at this! Look at what you did:

Look John, Jim Carrey is allowed to be a liberal psychopath, alright? His movies suck! But you’re Lloyd fu**ing Dobler and we can’t have this crap from you. Knock it off!

By the way, what’s with all the sh***y movies you’ve been making lately? Are you and Nic Cage sharing the same agent now or something?

The Chicks on the Right discuss Lloyd Dobler’s Twitter Controversy in the clip below:


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