Joe Biden
Gaffes a plenty: President Elect Joe Biden's teleprompter fails mid-speech. (Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images)

The Chicks Let Loose And Tell Joe Biden EXACTLY What He Can Do With His Tax Plan

Complimentary COTR Pro-Tip: Never make Daisy Angry. NEVER. Don’t do it. Not under ANY circumstance.

If you do manage to get on Daisy’s bad side, rest assured that she will pound your flesh into a nice gooey consistency and leave you in a puddle of your own juices.

Case in Point: Joe Biden’s Ridiculous Tax Plan

Mock and Daisy got a look at the Democrat ‘Trojan Horse’ for President’s tax plan last night. They didn’t like it, and it’s easy to understand why.

Biden’s proposed tax plan, according to Jared Walczak of the Tax Foundation, “would yield combined top marginal state and local rates in excess of 60 percent in three states: California (62.64 percent), Hawaii (60.34 percent), and New Jersey (60.09 percent). Marginal rates would also exceed 60 percent in New York City (62.03 percent).”

The Chick on the Right had a few thoughts about that – especially Daisy.

“These numbers are INSANE. Absolutely criminal. And the only reason people are OK with them, is because they’re like the frog in the fable, being boiled alive in the pot. They have no idea how insane this is, because their government just keeps turning the heat up, all slow and numb-like.
“There are actual people out there who think that a 60+% tax rate on Americans is somehow acceptable. Ummmm…hello? WE. ARE. BROKE.
“Here’s a question – if y’all owned a business, and your employee mishandled your money for YEARS, would you applaud them for telling you that the solution to their mishandling of YOUR money was to take MORE OF YOUR MONEY and continue to set it on fire?
“If you answered yes, then you’ve more than likely never created a business, contributed to a business, nor have you ever employed anyone. Coincidentally, you’re probably a lot like Joe Biden.”
Well said, Daisy.
Mock and Daisy have more in the following clip from today’s edition of The Chicks on the Right.


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