A woman screws and cries at news of Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death
Democrats don't appear to be taking the news of Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death very well.

WATCH: RBG Death Prompts Savory Emotional Breakdowns Amongst Democrats

The honorable Ruth Bader Ginsburg lost her battle with pancreatic cancer Friday at the age of 87.

In her final days, Ginsburg reportedly told her granddaughter Clara Spera, “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.”

Conveniently, Ginsburgh’s wish aligns with panicked and power-hungry Democrats such as Joe Biden and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, whose initial statements included both tributes to Ginsburg and warnings to President Trump that the next nominee could only be named by the winner of the November presidential election.

With all due respect to Ginsburg’s legacy and wishes, she’s dead. She no longer has to deal with the consequences of the Democrat party’s incompetence nor the consequences of their asinine policies. Republicans have a sworn duty to uphold and the Constitution and protect the country from the increasing liberal assault on our freedoms and liberties.

Ironically, conservative’s perspective on replacing a vacancy on the Supreme Court before the election jibes perfectly with what Justice Ginsburg said in 2016 when lame-duck President Obama tabbed Merrick Garland to replace the late conservative Justice Antonin Scalia.

“There’s nothing in the Constitution that says the president stops being the president in his last year,” Ginsburg said in a 2016 New York Times interview in which she called for Garland to receive a confirmation vote in the Senate.

Even Obama once favored ramming a last-minute appointment through in an election year.


In other words, politicians play politics (gasp) and adjust their “moral code” based upon the needs and interests of their party.

President Trump won the election in 2016 and Democrats have spent the past four years throwing a temper tantrum and demonstrating an unwillingness to work with Republicans like civil human beings. Democrats made a conscious choice, and now the chickens are coming home to roost.

Enjoy your multiple decades of a heavily conservative Supreme Court, Democrats. You earned it!

By the way, if this video is any indication, you children on the left appear to be having some feelings about this whole thing.

So satisfying on so many levels, no?

The Chicks on the Right have additional commentary in the clip below.


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