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Your Friday Smile: This Segment from The Chicks is an Injection of Audio Joy

Good Friday afternoon, fine, fearless, and enthusiastic fans of the Chicks on the Right radio program!

Brian Baker here! I am the rarely heard from yet annoying present “silent” crew member of the Chicks on the Right daily show. My job is to write witty, biting, snarky, and deeply offensive (to liberals) commentary for the benefit of humanity.

It’s an enjoyable job for me due in no small part to the fact that I work from a home office, and therefore, I’m rarely required to wear pants. It’s the life my parents always dreamed of for me.

But I digress…

I’m supposed to write an article here about Dunkin Donuts closing down some of their stores, but I’m making an executive decision and opting to encourage you to just click the link below instead and start your weekend off with a guaranteed smile from Mock and Daisy’s infectious laughter in this segment. Enjoy!

Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images


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