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Hmmm... Central American Illegals And Now Syrian "Refugees"?


            The nation stood—or sat—in stunned silence last year as the Obama administration systematically placed tens of thousands of illegal minors from Central America in private homes all over the country.  Of course the Palace Guards at the networks reported it almost never, but even the hue and cry that came from the rest of us was insufficient to garner public outrage sufficient to call the King to account.  Now they’re here, along with their scabies, tuberculosis, influenza and God only knows what else, and we’re stuck trying to deal with them as they do their part to further crush our education, healthcare, law enforcement, corrections and public assistance infrastructure nationwide.

            Then when you thought there had to be an end to his lawlessness, the President announces that now we will begin taking in thousands of refugees from Syria—yeah, that’s as in Islamic States of Iran and SYRIA.  Now I know I’m showing my old age cynicism again, but with the abysmal track record these bozos have checking out the flood of illegals they keep attempting to legitimate from south of the border, it’s hard for me to imagine that they will be any better at weeding out the terrorists from the real folk who will soon flood us again. 

            During their weekly interviews on GARRISON, Jed Babbin, Michael Ledeen, David Horowitz and Frank Gaffney all expressed their outrage and fear that, with there being no way to vet these folk, what we will get will be what ISIS wants us to have—and I’m not expecting very many boy Scout troop leaders—dangerous, committed Islamic terrorists.  And they will be hell bent on bringing their jihad to a location near you.        

            When the FBI spokesman testified before the House Homeland Security committee yesterday, he had to acknowledge quickly that the idea of actually being able to check folks out or “vetting” them is simply impossible.  Syria is a failed state; its personal records, health records, vital statistics, etc., are gone.  School records, educational or even social background information is long since destroyed.  But our Monarch has no concerns with who these people are and what will be their intentions once here.  Gaffney pointed out that, just like we have done with those who sneak in from the South, once they’re here they will next be petitioning to bring the rest of their families and friends in soon.  See that picture, my friends?  And you all thought I was over the top when I started telling ya that the guy is batting for the other team.  And if you let yourself look around at the facts, you’re going to have a helluva time disagreeing.  Fasten your seatbelts all.

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