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Dr.Mengele, I Presume

In the 1940s during the depths of the Holocaust, the capacity of mankind for depravity hit what was maybe an all-time record.  In just a few short years the Nazis managed to exterminate a huge portion of the Jewish population of Europe while at the same time fighting a two front war against the US and Russia.  And in those dark and horrible days, even as the gas chambers and the ovens were about their grisly business with unimaginable efficiency, in those concentration camps there were other more intimate and personal atrocities being perpetrated on the helpless populations of such places as Dachau, Bergen-Belsen, and Auschwitz.  At Auschwitz in particular a German medical doctor named Joseph Mengele performed experiments on Jews, and in many if not most cases, children, all of which ended with them being killed—either the gas, a bullet to the head or just death from the effects of these “experiments” themselves.


After the captives were killed, and depending on what the experiments had been aimed at, Mengele or his merry band of ghouls would harvest the organs of the dead to be forwarded on to Berlin for more advanced medical research.  Cutting out the organs of the dead after one has killed them.  Hmmm. . .Sounds sickeningly familier, yes?


So enter Dr. Deborah Nucatola, Senior Director of Medical Services for Planned Parenthood; you remember them of course, the largest abortion provider in the Free World, responsible to something in the neighborhood of a million killings every three years.  And just to make it fair, they do not discriminate based on the degree of development of the baby—as late in the gestation as it gets, they’ll kill ‘em.  


“Dr.” Nucatola made the bad career move recently of holding forth over a two-plus hour lunch meeting with two undercover reporters who videotaped the whole thing.  And therein she explained in the most cavalier and ruthless terms the cottage industry the PP has been engaging in for fun and profit for an unknown number of years.  They focus for this awful enterprise on the more mature babies—the ones old enough to have a chance of survival if their mothers love them enough to keep them—and once they have killed and delivered them, yup, you guessed it, they harvest their little organs and sell them for “medical research.”  Livers are always popular, she explains, but recently hearts, lungs and heads have been in greater demand.  No really, I’m not making this up.  This bloody barbarian sits there drinking wine and eating her lunch while explaining that, “just this morning I delivered a ‘17 weeker’”, then she proceeds to describe the method of killing before the body was removed from the mom; they are careful to turn the baby in the womb so that they can crush around the desired organs, adeptly murdering the baby while saving the expensive parts so much in demand.


So thousands of times a year around the country these butchers heartlessly kill the later term unborn so they can add their hearts, lungs, livers and heads to the inventory of their unspeakable brutality. 


My friends, my hands shake as I type this piece, so sickened am I at this story; but more at the society that would create such savages, cavalier or not, who can without compunction or even a moment of moral doubt, commit such acts of depravity as to shock the conscience of anybody who has one—a conscience, that is.  “Dr.” Nucatola, in her way was no less the barbarian than was Joseph Mengele; the only difference I can figure is that her victims were younger and smaller.  And even more defenseless. 


In a just and moral society such a beast would be punished by the hand of a just law; she would be consigned to confinement someplace where there is no sunshine and the barest of essentials.  But in post-modern America she can boast of her cannibalistic behavior, swig her wine and munch her salad while extoling the satanic practices that occupy her highly paid job.   But sadly our society is no longer just or moral.  Relativism has buried scruple, and the assault on God’s divine authority has become forbidden as the light and the truth of life on this planet. 


We kill our young and feast on their organs—the feast being financial at this point anyway.  But no matter how blithe and offhand be the conversation, the descriptions, and the heinous acts, the soul of the Republic is dying a little more with every baby killed and every organ merchandised.  Yes indeed, my friends, it is Dr. Mengele, I am sure.

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