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The End Of The Clinton Nightmare


Expositional writings covering the four decades of the saga of Bill and Hillary Clinton, if read through, reveal for twenty years or more the kind of shenanigans, dirty tricks, moral and legal transgressions and brazen lawlessness that are unique to them in all of American political history.  And all of it, from small time grifting to serious felonies, have been in furtherance of the most egregious and voracious appetites for fame and power—but most of all, for money.  However thanks to Donald Trump and Mike Pence (and of course the good sense of American voters this past November 8), they are finished.  No, I mean really finished, as in “kaput”, done for, politically dead.


They have shared the most incredible lust for money and power, and in Bill’s case, sex too, ever displayed in American public life; the trail of sin and corruption that began with very early forays into elective office holding have been as remarkable for their cheeky, ballsy and supremely arrogant character as all have been for their equally remarkable success.  Success, that is, in the feeding of their avarice and greed for money, position and nearly perpetual power, all of which have been, when stripped of their perpetual whitewash and thin, greasy veneer of “public service” aimed exclusively at their own aggrandizement and wealth acquisition.


When Hillary got ambushed out of the nomination for president eight years ago by the suave young fellow with the perfect crease in his slacks and the briefcase full of empty phrases, it put a huge kink in the program for their hat trick trip back to the presidency.  But they managed to paper over their mostly hidden animosity toward the Obamas well enough to begin almost at once acquiring their ultimate target of regaining the White House.  The only people blind and stupid enough not to see all this were media types and zealots whose mindless fealty toward the Clinton institutional fraud kept them from seeing the truth about the whole creepy gang.  But every step during every day of her devious life was and has been in furtherance thereof, and the target was only made manifest when she came out as that entitled, enshrined and enriched candidate who would willingly hack down anyone who presumed to get in the way along this last and fateful run for the rose garden. 


It seemed all through the last year and a half at least that her route to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue paved was in green—and in some ways, in gold—as the machine virtually printed enough wealth and contributions of other people’s money to ensure her ascension to that seat only she could deserve.  Seriously—anyone who bothered to look even momentarily at the whole architecture of her suicide campaign for greatness could see her nearly psychotic passion for the position.  And the facts that always hovered in the shadows surrounding her were kept at bay, never permitted to show up in the daylight to explode the myth and fiction of Clinton entitlement and the inevitability of such ascension. 


From the ugly scandal of Whitewater and the futures gambit that netted her a hundred Grand in one day  to Travelgate, the death of Vince Foster, the IRS and the now legendary “bimbo eruptions”  emanating from Bubba’s insatiable sexual appetites, they have lived the tawdry lives of America’s most heinous big time criminals.  And all the while they have managed to sell influence they did not even possess, lining the coffers of the foundation and the “global initiative” with billions of dollars.  The most humorous aspect of all that cash harvest is that, once she left the State Department the “influence” was exclusively in the future, innuendo and eye winks of power and payback once she had mounted the throne. Oops. . .damn those “Deplorables” and their pesky leader, that whole throne mounting thing didn’t work out after all. 

In the end—and it is indeed the end—what it got them was two decades of frenetic deviance and a web of lies, deceit and criminality that will now become manifest; and when all is done, hopefully Americans will see finally that far from the super stars they were portrayed to be, they were and are instead just two dirty Arkansas hillbillies who were just as willing to steal the White House again as they were to heist its silverware and furniture the first time.  Good riddance. 


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