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Even Tempered –– Mad All The Time

Among the First Team of nasty obstructionists who occupy the top of the food chain among leftists, liberals and clueless Democrats, maybe the one perpetual poster child for anti-American hyperbole is Mrs. Charm herself, Maxine Waters (D CA); charmless, witless, seething with animosity for just about everything American, she spews her hatred for her country and the form of government that provided her with the high life, fame and fortune for decades. 

            Of course she has lots of company in the fury department, with fire-breathing demagogues like House Minority Leader and Trump Hater in Chief, Nancy Pelosi (D CA—no, really!  What a coincidence…), Democrat National Chairman Tom Perez, potty mouth in chief and living proof once again that Democrats can never get it right; Senate Minority Leader Chuck (Cryin’ Charlie) Schumer and a huge host of media, politicians, pundits, academics, etc., who blather on in the most ridiculous terms all the time. 

            One common theme and thought pattern—if such crap can be considered thinking at all—is their slavish and venomously radical commitment to collective-ism, otherwise known as Marxian socialism.  Now most of us read that little piece of tripe in high school, and by about page 10 knew it was nonsense—nonsense that when applied throughout the 20th century, cost the world something in the neighborhood of 100 million people.  Not bad for a 60 some odd page load of nitwittery that for some reason still inflicts its casualties on otherwise free people all over the world.  And just like George Orwell’s exposition of it in Animal Farm, another one we read back when in High School, no doubt banned worldwide now, at its foundation there is the subtly woven serpent of graft, collusion, corruption and mayhem of every description that lives in socialism everywhere.

            Politicians of every stripe can be counted on to dip their collective beaks in the trough of graft, and after all these years, much of it is no longer punishable by imprisonment!  But let’s be clear, there is no politician as grimy and slimy as a leftist lining his or her pockets in the name of  “fairness”, while giving not a hoot nor holler about these poor folk they feign to feel for.  Maxine Waters faced the most powerful set of charges for such misconduct before the House of Representatives, should have been sanctioned by the House and probably prosecuted for her felonies.  Never happened.  She just kept screaming about prejudice and racism and global warming—oh wait, wrong crook—until the minions of the dark state and the vast array of sycophants on the Left finally got it all papered over and it just all went away.  Ah yes, Liberty…

            My dear departed Grandmother was fond of describing certain folks who seemed always to have their panties bunched up over something as “Even Tempered---Mad all the time.  And that, friends, in a nutshell, is the pluperfect description of Mrs. Waters, Mrs. Pelosi, that lady in the awful purple cowboy hat (D FL—no, really), Tom Perez, and of course, with or without her carton of ashtrays aimed at Slick Willy’s head, Hillary.

            So you take a look at them, discovering if you do that all have learned to live large on the American Dream—and lots of tax payer money, and you gotta ask yourself, “what the hell do these people have to be mad about!  You figure it out, let me know.

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