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Fidel Castro, Murderous Bastard

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When he first appeared on the stage of Western Hemisphere news he was just another loud, smelly goon working to build an image for himself that would help him keep up with the other loony criminals infesting Latin America.  The dirty fatigues, grungy beard and penchant for stinking up the place while killing anyone who might an opponent to his communist ideology soon earned got him a signature that most folks thought was as odious as it was ridiculous.

Fidel was a man on a mission, a Soviet-style communist mission, which he accomplished by imposing an oppressive Soviet style regime on freedom-loving Cubans.  Always ready to kill and with a zealot's passion for bloody revolution, Castro quickly made Cuba a Soviet satellite state and brought the world within an ace of nuclear war, never having the slightest idea the kind of fire he was playing with.


Following his mid-1950s escapades and the brutal subjugation of his little island country his brand somehow matured into a sort of given in geopolitics of the region.  And through it all he just kept killing, interning, capturing and torturing his countrymen whenever they appeared to digress even a little from his Bolshevik rules and ideals (if we can call murder an "ideal").


Let’s not forget that Castro sent Cuban soldiers around the world to foment more murderous tyrannies. He gave terrorists bases in Cuba from which they could operate in North and South America, Europe and elsewhere. American POWs held in North Vietnam have said that they were tortured by Cuban soldiers as well as Vietnamese. They apparently practiced what they learned in Cuban prisons were political prisoners were frequently beaten and otherwise tortured.

Now it's one thing for filthy revolutionaries to do what they do-rape, pillage, burn, etc.. You know the usual that they always do, right?  Che Guevara, Ortega, all those petty tyrants and their mindless toadies, they just do their thing.  But it has been the fealty accorded them and to by American media, academia, and the great and empty headed Left that has absolutely undone the rest of us for these many decades now.  Liberals have for at least a generation found themselves moths before the nuclear flames where he was concerned. 


The fact that he murdered his people in the streets with monotonous regularity, that they risked death daily for many decades just trying to get away from him, only to get captured and unceremoniously killed for their trouble, has meant nothing to the sycophants at the major networks and the big papers.  I guess that pesky glimpse of murderous tyranny was just to be viewed as some necessary, if messy, byproduct of progressive success.

Castro-style communism has always been poisonous as well as blind to the reality of the human experience. It's communism’s antipathy toward kindness, especially that borne of the Judeo/Christian ethic, has made it what it is today in the history of the planet: the most bloodthirsty and murderous concept ever to poison civilization.  It will, if history actually survives it at all, sink to the bottom of the most horrific ideas ever to cloud the spirit of mankind.  To this day their proponents of socialism and communism, their acolytes,sycophants and enablers, have made the Castro's of the world what they are, at least at present;; the embodiment of Homo sapiens at its lowest, its meanest, most crass and its most devilish.

Yes, folks, devilish, as in "of the devil."  Rest in peace, never.  Burn in hell, Fidel.  Monster, murderer and mortician to an entire society.  As Americans we have fallen prey to and even embraced the kind of manifest evil represented by the Castro's of the world, and for those hungry to find yet another bloody folk standard to embrace against your country, he has been your new low.  My only prayer for him at his final and merciful passing is that Satan not be permitted to make any more like him.

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