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Game, Set, Match LGBT



So the conservatives and the Moral Right set about to secure religious liberty; they determined in the House, Senate and Governor’s office to re-announce the tenets of the First Amendment to the US Constitution in an Act that would protect persons of faith from burdensome influences that might require them by force of law to do things, perform acts, accede to certain social pressures that offend their religious scruples.  Now be clear on this first of all—nobody even tried to identify real world threats beyond the worn hypotheticals about gay weddings and such. 

            So the Left saw them coming, and in furtherance of their hunger for chaos and the end of decency and in league with that tiny 2% minority of folks who seek to be known by their sexual practices, they ginned up a huge faux crisis against a law that had been in place at the federal level since 1993.  The rent-a-rioters appeared on cue on the south lawn of the State House and suddenly the unsuspecting and unprepared Republicans found themselves pilloried as homophobic thugs; so much so that both legislature and governor got bulldozed right into the absolute last thing they ever wanted.  Don’t look now but—who’d a thunk it—sexual desires now are enshrined in Indiana law as a protected class of persons! Voila! 

            It would take far more space that we have here to unravel all the threads to this most unintended of consequences, but for starters, it is pretty clear that our leaders did not adequately apprehend the significance of what happened to the Indiana “marriage amendment” in last year’s session.  We remember that, after flying through the prior session (I think in 2013) it first stalled then unceremoniously died in the 2014 attempt.  Constitutionally the amendment had to pass the legislature twice then go to the people for ratification.  Well the whole thing got put out by a foul ball caught by the Left fielder in the top of the second, so it never got to the people at all. Essentially the LGBT forces had truly taken the steam out of the whole idea.  So what?  Well the so what is that Hoosier public opinion and a deep change in our views on the whole gay culture thing is so what.  No more could leadership count on the bedrock, immutable mores of Indiana’s folk.  It happened pretty quickly, but it happened for sure.

            And apparently they all missed it.  Instead of recognizing that huge change in the political and moral landscape, they drove ahead with a piece of legislation which, clearly correct as well as constitutional, was a lead pipe cinch to garner huge attention and a tsunami of demagoguery from the leftist culture and their eager co-conspirators in the Media.  Instead of smooth sailing in conservative Indiana, it stalled then blew up all over the whole leadership structure at the state level. 

            Then there was the “fix” that would cure it all and make the adversaries happy.  For the first time in Indiana history there was added to a state statute the inclusion of sexual preference and gender identity as “protected” in the civil rights area.  And just like that—let’s be clear here—for once and for all time they have insinuated themselves, all 2% of the population that these so called LGBT people, into the civil rights legal fabric of the Hoosier state.  If you like that, ok; but if, instead you understand what a huge difference there is between those rights annunciated in the Constitution as well as the 1964 Civil Rights Act and this “new” right, then you will clearly see what has happened in Indiana.   

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