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GARRISON: And the Dog Ate Her Homework...

Well this is my last foray into the dead or dying world of Hillary Rodham Clinton—at least I hope so; it appears that her political corps continues on the ventilator, as her wrinkled old mug just keeps appearing on television, in print and even at Breitbart, with painful regularity.  A new book; references to that last dreadful attempt; another fawning interview with some boot-licking toady like, well, the whole MSM, I think. 

She has blamed her own staff (many of whom left that sinking vessel long before she finally caught fire and sank—mercifully), she blamed the boot-lickers in the media, 99% of whom forever abandoned even the smallest fragment of journalism to flack and cover up for her.  Then in a fit of I’m-not-sure what, she occasionally took some blame for being a horrible candidate, but always was it punctuated with more projection about “but if so-and-so had just done his job...” she would hurl more poop out of the tent an any convenient target.

Now I don’t have time to write, and you don’t have time to read any kind of exhaustive examination of both the truth of her awful 20 year run for the big boy chair; suffice it to say she was awful, creating therefore an awful campaign, awful appearances, worse policy statements and an incomprehensible disregard—no, contempt—for the law in all its forms. 

But what of the implications of all this stinky postmortem blather from her and the media alike, performing endless visits into the rotting remains of such a despicable run of misconduct and continually propping up her aging self?

Three observations, I think, get at some of this.  First, many on the Left harbor that same ole “but it’s her turn” chant that comes from a deeper truism that THEY DON’T HAVE ANYBODY ELSE.  We will look at that sad lot of has-beens and kooks momentarily. 

Second, her politics are sooooo far out of step with the twentieth, much less the twenty-first century but the people who run the Left, including the Democrat Party, think she’s still their last best hope for a world Socialist regime as reality.  The People for the American Way, George Soros, Green Peace, the Gobal warming frauds, etc., still think they can count on her to do their evil bidding if they can just keep her going, keep her alive for seven more years, she will reignite the flames of Berkley, Ferguson, Baltimore and whatever they can torch in the meantime.  And then will come the revolution. 

Lastly, there remains in the American consciousness—or sub-consciousness—some remnant of the utter nonsense that the Clintons somehow represent some great, however mythical time when they felt all warm and cozy in their pursuit of, to paraphrase the Bard, “every sin that has a name.” 

So where does that leave the sane world?  We are stuck with her, at least for now.  That’s the painful truth of the matter. 

We are also about to be treated to that ever-growing list of rejects from the bar scene in Star Wars who are already mistaking success and popularity for failure in the Trump administration. Every crack pot and retread politician in the place is making those noises.  Let us hope it is one of those miscreants that gets the nod in 2020; ol’ Joe the gaff-o-matic, Cherokee Woman, numerous lost balls in the Senate including the best looking but nuttiest of the bunch Kamala Harris all make for another uprising of the Middle Class, both blue and white collar types sufficient to drive that proverbial wooden stake through the heart of Marxian socialism, maybe for good.  Maybe. 

For now the wrinkles pile up with each new demonstration of another hysterical stance or statement or interview or- well, you get it.  The lies pile up too, and there is that hint that the Sessions Justice Department isn’t done with her either; another reason for some more hysteria and few new wrinkles. 

We will all get gagged on doses of Clinton trademark dishonesty and her particular brand of mean-spirited-ness.  Great, but finite, I hope.

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