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Garrison: It Would Be So Nice to be a Liberal

So some terrorist barbarian drives a truck through a crowd in Spain, killing close to 20 people and injuring scores more; what does the American left decide? We need more gun control.

ISIS continues the barbaric and bloodthirsty horrors in the Middle East of murdering Christians and others they hate (that would be everyone, best I can tell), and our Leftist scholars declare it’s all about the global warming—no, I’m not kidding, you can’t make this stuff up! 

All through the failed and embarrassing Obama years, while an economy was floundering and folks were dropping out of the labor market by the millions, the Left—in this case Gaffo-matic Joe Biden and others—declared that 7% unemployment was the new norm to be embraced, not fixed, and what we really needed to do was to raise the minimum wage and raise taxes on “the rich."  Really.  But of course none of these nincompoops (and boy is that a perfect moniker for the former vice president) could tell us who made the “rich” list. 

Turns out it would have hit the middle class right between the eyes. 

But you see, my friends, that they had, and have, their pat phrases, talking points and utterly ridiculous answers to every issue, problem or crisis. THEY ARE ALL THE SAME and it’s all they know or can learn.  Wouldn’t it be great never to have to think, reason, question or learn?  Wow...

And looking back at the history of the 19th and 20th centuries, one would think that such delusional concepts would have been discarded long ago given the horrific results at all attempts to employ socialism over that century. 


You see, such blather and mindless, thoughtless and usually meaningless stuff is typically branded into the liberal consciousness early in life, usually at the table of their wacked out parents.  Or not—lots of our contemporary lefties came from heartland families where folks worked hard and saved for a rainy day, all the while perpetuating the success of the American Dream.  Go figure.

That leads us to some pretty painful and really bad-news conclusions. 

First, if a terrorist drives a truck through a bunch of Spaniards in Barcelona and they think the fix is more gun control, one may expect that they will get other things that are that stupid wrong as well.  Now that is key, given that everyday Republicans—that is the ones who are not truly afflicted by the same stupid gene—have to try to work with these lost balls, and the mission is truly impossible. 

Second, there is simply NO WAY the most reasonable and committed public servant can get through the din of rattling toys and Socialist hypnotic chants that are playing in Chuck Schumer’s balding head at every moment.  None.  Yet to their credit—at least for now—Republicans continue to approach ignorant robots like Maxine Waters, Al Franken, that guy Guiterrez, the biggest racist in the building, and many others who have been taught for their whole lives not to listen (and therefore not to hear) a syllable that emanates from one of the hated conservatives.

Conservatives have to know they will fail utterly; but because like the rest of us, they hate to fail they keep trying.  So they slowly get hockey-pucked all over Washington until they have convinced themselves that only feeding the alligator one leg is a victory.

So here is the status of things, and sadly probably the future too... 

Logic, information and doable policy solutions are impossible when dealing with folks who don’t—I fear, cannot—think for themselves.  And when such a large contingent of Americans are stuck in the pscho-babel of idiotic group think that believes in global warming, tax increases, gun control and the tooth fairy with equal factual support, the likelihood of getting through that din becomes nonexistent. 

Therefore we have to march on, facts and principles in hand, and hope that the majority of American States will continue to ignore the quackery. 

As I say on the air in the pieces I do weekly for the Chicks, sorry but that’s the way I see it.

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