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GARRISON: So If A Muslim Does It, Guess It Can't Be Rape

Ever since the onslaught of so called “refugees” hailing from the Middle East and from Syria in the main, there has been a trail of ruined lives and even dead women and girls washing up behind the males of this bunch. 

The French town of Calais, an early congregating point for these folk as they tried to make their way to the United Kingdom, was full of the horrors of what that great cast of thousands of Arab and other Middle Eastern Muslim men carried out, a reign of despicable terror.         

And just to make the whole thing ever-more surreal, the Brits as well as the French decided it would be just too, too impolitic to actually declare these vicious felonies perpetrated on their women and girls—just so very uncool to call rape what it is when committed by this army of foreign goons who the West had decided must be welcomed—rape or not. ran the following stories on Thursday, September 07, 2017, providing us when a gross and painful list of the idiocy and cowardice of both countries: 


No Prosecution Necessary: UK Police Force Issues over 100 Cautions for Rape, Sexual Assault Against Children

This one reads like a page from an old Monty Python spoof, except it’s the truth. 


Pakistani Gang’s Rape of White Girls Was Not Racist, Says Sentencing Judge

Of course this is, or would be, a hoot if it wasn’t so sad.  One has to wonder about the racial part, as Muslim refugees both in Europe and in places like “Little Mogadishu” in the Minneapolis all-Somali enclave apparently rape whoever they please.  Then the men get together to determine whether or not the woman should be executed.  Not kidding. 


Asylum Seeker on Trial for Raping, Murdering German Student Admits Lying About Age

Finally there is this piece of hopeless stupidity. Whether he lied about his age or not, he got into Germany, then did what they do way too often, he raped and then murdered a German girl.  Of course he did.


So that was just the list of stories that Brietbart picked up in one day, and the litany of these thugs’ barbaric misconduct goes on—has gone on—and the longer they do it, the less the authorities do about it.  Can’t wait for them to come here, fifty to one hundred thousand at a time, if our courts and leftist media have their way.  Remember that was one of the last stink bombs Mr. Obama left behind. 


Ok, so we do know that the evil is out there, although to read the signs and placards that the lost balls on the Left wave around you wouldn’t know it; theirs is a date with the devil, an embrace of a kind and scope of brutality they simply refuse to countenance. 

We know from the mostly buried reports coming from Little Mogadishu that Minneapolis and the rest of Minnesota face horrible situations that the mainstream socialist media simply will not publish.  Impolitic, they say, mostly just barnyard stupid is more like it.  And what has happened there, with gangs and drug trafficking, rapes and other violent crimes plus the ever-inconceivable “honor killings” that pollute the entire community, is that generations—no, centuries—of civilization building and creation of rule of law are in immediate danger.  Of course it is the depravity of those who in huge numbers commit the crimes, but almost worse is the blind ignorance of those in positions of authority who do not recognize nor even see what is happening. 

Be aware, my friends, such cruelty and barbarity will know no limits once the foothold is in place. 

If you think it’s really ok and just an inconvenient little difficulty to be blotted out from the consciousness, ask a girl or a woman who has suffered the gang rape, or a parent or loved one who has buried a son or daughter who fell into the devil’s hands and did not survive the encounter.


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