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Greed And Immigration


            The Big Boys in the private sector, whether they like to admit it or not, really just like cheap labor.  Why is it so cheap?  Easy; a worker who’s not supposed to be here in the first place will work for less in order to get cash under the table or through some fictitious social security number where there are no taxes withheld.  The American citizen lacks that all-important trump card, being an American—he or she has the SSN and the requirement of paying taxes.  So the drywall contractors, landscapers, masons and roofing contractors prefer to make it on the cheap, avoiding workers’ compensation insurance contributions and other pesky, expensive little details that just happen to THE FREAKING LAW—sorry, lost my head there for a moment.

            I cannot remember how many employers have called the show over the years to complain about being under-bid by these crooks, some even confessing that they’ve been driven out of business.  But hey, let’s be fair!  When cheating on Uncle Sam as well as the state is that lucrative, WHY NOT?!  So Wall Street bloviates over “human rights” while lining its pockets at the expense of America’s legitimate companies, and they use special interest groups like La Raza (the Race) as their pawns so they can hide their greed behind a thin façade of faux concern over the plight of all those folk whose first act on American soil was to break our immigration laws.

            Then there is the American Left, a crowd with voracious appetites for instant Democrat voters and made to order rioters—when the need arises.  All that gas about “there is no such thing as an illegal person” fits their fraudulent diatribe to a tee, and when they say such ridiculous things or buy the placards for their rent-a-rioters to wave around, all they do is to disguise, albeit thinly, their passion for destroying America.  Great phrase, huh?  Kind of like “war is not the answer” or “love means never having to say you’re sorry”. . .you get the drift.

            The most infuriating aspect to this whole dishonest debate is that a vast majority of Americans do not want our borders erased, are dead set against amnesty and have said so not just in tons of polls but at the polls over and over.  So the only people who oppose amnesty and open borders are, well, the people.

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