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He Really Said It – A Lot


            Lola the grand-puppy woke me for a quick, if untimely(it was 3:30 am) trip out into the snow to go potty, and that was it.  Awake anyway as is so often my late-night plight, the three minute stroll in the 15 degree stillness ensured I was headed for the living room, maybe to stir the embers of the evening’s fire, and the inevitable reunion with Churchill’s “History of the English Speaking People” that I have pledged to finish.  (It’s 4 volumes I think, so who knows).  But as always, the internet headlines beckoned so I searched around for the Ipad and checked the Drudge Report headlines.  And there he was, resplendent in his God-knows-how-expensive suit and tie, Brian Williams, NBC News multi-million Dollar man, lying his ass off on Dave Letterman.

            Keep in mind that prefatory to watching the video of the now-infamous whopper of a cosmic LIE he told in that venue, I had read the sniveling, butt-kissing declaration by NBC News that they would stand by their man, (never mind the lies) so my old investigatory juices were already flowing, even at 4 am.  Then I hit the red arrow and there he was, vaunted, celebrated, perfectly coiffed, entering the Ed Sullivan Stage to thunderous applause.  And then he did it.  Ol’ Dave, ever the patsy for fraudsters, set him up to tell the fairytale about his adventures in the Land of Oz—oops, I mean Iraq—where he—we now know—was definitely NOT—shot down in an Army helicopter. 

            I watched this master of deceit spin the yarn of an event that did not happen, the double down on the lies of his NOT—experience, all to the ooohs and aaass (or is that ass) of an enraptured Letterman, ever the willing sycophant of all things Left.  Complete with pix of the hero in the company of a real soldier, a Command Sargent Major, no less, the fiction was complete.  It was not until I saw him do it, watched him prevaricate a story that was a complete lie, that it hit me; the lie, plus the willing embrace by his employer and the whole “swallow the bait, hook and all” apparent reaction by the public, means that truth may really have died someplace along the way to the new reality.  And it’s a reality that no longer values fact.

            Folks, I spend a couple of hours on the air each day reporting and opining as I am paid to do; I say what I think, but I worry myself much over the ever-present possibilities for getting the facts wrong.  Luckily for me my listeners are quick to correct—whether by email or call—and I try to fix errors when they are discovered by whomever.  But to manufacture a story that is from its first syllable despicable?  To soil and pervert the trust of all those millions who, solely by virtue of one’s looks and position, naively assume you will tell the truth; and then to perpetuate the fraud for a decade and more?  Williams, you are a scoundrel.  And for once in his own nether-life Brokaw is right—they should have your head for this one.

            Of course that will not happen, and his plastic self will be back in the driver’s seat tonight, but please, my friends, remember this:  He’s a liar.  So good luck with his “news.”

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