Closing Arguments

Let's Cruz

Ted Cruz, the young Texas Senator who defied the odds and swept to office without the support of the Republican establishment has announced what we all though was coming anyway; he is running for President.  At age 44 now he would be the second youngest man ever to assume office, as President Obama was 48 in January of 2009 when he took the oath and JFK was only 43.  So youth has not been a real impediment, at least for democrats.  

    Unlike Obama, Cruz’s college records and achievements are very public, and his academic and legal careers have been nothing short of spectacular.  In short, the guy is brilliant, quick, steadfast and always focused on the tasks at hand.  And unlike Obama, he really has practiced law at the highest levels, serving as a policy adviser and member of the George W. Bush legal staff when Bush was President, leaving the White House to assume the position of Solicitor General for the State of Texas, where he argued cases before the US Supreme Court on nine occasions.  No member of Congress has come close to that mark.  He represented the NRA, wrote briefs on gun rights for the AGs of 31 States, helping with the Second Amendment victory in the District of Columbia case of DC v. Heller wherein the Court overturned the unconstitutional anti-gun laws of the District.  

    The list goes on, from private practice to Bush v. Gore, where he represented President Bush, to his eventual victory in the Senate race in Texas in 2012.  But much more important even than his universal successes all over the legal and political scenes has been his foursquare and consistent support for conservative views.  Unlike all those go-along to get-along copies of Washingtonian malaise that serve in the Senate, Cruz made an immediate impact on the course of congressional action and debate, crossing the good old boys in his own party when, time after time they folded like cheap card tables on some of the most important issues of our time.  Making the case for the non-funding of the awful beast they call Obama Care, he spoke for about 20 hours, stopping the folly of the Senate for at least a little while.  Of course it didn’t work, but at long last there was at least one man who was more interested in what was right than in making incessant and perpetual deals with the devils of liberalism in the Congress.  

    Well that’s all fine, and his coherency on the issues from gun control to the sanctity of life and the family, from limited government to a strong and vibrant national defense will serve him well as the months ahead see more and more candidates start waffling on issues and hugging the middle in their efforts to curry favor with the establishment and the media.  And then there is that fire-in-the-belly passion for liberty and American exceptionalism—wow.  Not since Reagan have we been treated to the real heat and light of a born again patriot. He spoke March 23rd at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia to a huge and enthusiastic crowd that was treated to honest and impassioned rhetoric that included NO TELEPROMTOR, no notes and a facile, at times humorous, connected style and content that will electrify hungry audiences all over the country.

    America is so ready for his coherency and his honest ardor for his country and its founding principles that he will—unless he messes up or gives the media the ammo with which to mess him up—no doubt enliven the debate and challenge those less fired up to attempt to match him.  His Spanish, according to him, is lousy, and one can only hope there will be time to improve as the months pass; if elected he would be the first Latino to serve as President—ever.  So fasten your seatbelts and prepare to hear the fire and unapologetic patriotism of a man who is about to set things right.

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