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Nobody Fights Back and Nobody Helps

You can read this awful story here and see for yourself that the world’s punks lie, cheat, steal and rampage with impunity these days. 

A guy riding on the subway in Dallas has the audacity to ask a group of “teens” on the subway not to smoke dope in the train and they proceed to beat him unconscious then walk away without consequence--and more importantly without conscience. 

Five males and two teenage females did all this, their rage and imbecilic hatred for the rest of humankind spilling the innocent blood of bystanders yet again.

Where to begin? Criminals dressed as kids, spiteful and sociopathic punks or all those who would not step up to defend an innocent man... tough list.  First I guess would be what kind of society produces an ilk of young person who feels, thinks, cares not for others, their integrity, their rights as human beings or the consequence of what they perpetrate to damage or kill them. 

Well it is our society that excuses or worse, ignores what they do and that they do without reprisal or merited punishment.  Hell, most of the time they just walk off and disappear and nothing happens at all. 

But let’s look inward for a moment; one wonders where the adults were on that train.  We all know that a couple of broken noses and knots on the head can do much to quell the typical punk ass from their juvenile bravado, but someone has to step up.  Let’s be clear here, the victim could have easily sustained deadly injuries, what with multiple kicks to the head and the likelihood of suffocation in the mix as well.  And Lord in Heaven knows none of those scholars would have called for medical attention. 

What we are left with is a terrible indictment of adult America, so full of fear, trembling and the intention not to “get involved” at any cost that apparently no matter how diabolical the attack, that Americans—at least Dallas residents—cower rather than defend. 

All, let’s be clear here for a moment; a good solid punch to the nose, a quickly applied choke hold on one intent on terrible mischief, can take a lot of the bravado out of the average cowardly adolescent feeding from the urgings of his fellows. 

Maybe it’s time we remembered that we are indeed one of another and that what happens to one happens to us all.  Maybe?

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