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Pardoning Bonnie...And Clyde Too

There is an old adage most recently used with regard to a retired General that advises “never miss an opportunity to shut up.”  We all know that the squishes, wonks and pseudo-thinkers of this post-election moment are breathlessly advising President Elect Trump what to do and mostly what not to do on all sorts of issues.  One that has the gray-faced eggheads from the big papers is their dirge of forgiveness for the “unforgivables” just defeated, those criminals now so stealthily whistling past life’s graveyard hoping for once not to be seen, the Clintons.  So the Donald just had to speak when under absolutely NO compulsion to do so.  He has decided not to pursue criminal investigations against the biggest and most salacious crime family in American political history.    

First, it ain’t his call; law enforcement, Congress, etc., may investigate as they choose, and the President has no say in what they are doing.  The Justice Department, upon receiving a referral makes its decisions for charging, and the Prez got no say.  Maybe he fires the AG who lets it happen, but his is not to veto the charging decision or influence the process in Court.

So why would America choose now to get after political crooks vanquished from office; there have been plenty to be sure.  Ford pardoned Nixon, the thinking being (if you fall for such stuff) that we needed to heal from the atrocities of Watergate.  Never mind that whole thing involved some chumps in expensive suits stealing some documents and then having their president lie about it.  Pretty much it, a mere hiccup compared with the near intergalactic transgressions of the grifters in chief this time around.  So the Donald intones similarly about “healing” for the country.  Would’ve been an opportunity to shut up.  Just sayin’. . .

So let’s take just a short look at the trail of evil and craven-ness that follows every place the Arkansas Hillbillies have been.  For some decades Hillary laid back and covered for her dirty-leg husband while he raped and groped his way through the world of electoral politics.  She obfuscated about bimbo eruptions and vast right wing conspiracies and used the levers of power at every turn to punish those who got in their way.  You can read my chronicling of their odious lives here in “The End of the Clinton Nightmare.”  

But what to do this time?  We know that the world’s lost ball Left will soon have excused that whole thing about Bubba and that convicted child molester and the adoring nitwits with their whole “Glass Ceiling” meme will be back at it again, throwing money at that private jet.  You’d think the only reason she got beat was because she was a girl.  Please. . .
Enough with the usual.   At the most fundamental level of constitutional governance is a set of issues that the Clintons bring into stark and clear perspective:  when, if at all, is there ever a time when the high crimes and misdemeanors of public officials—as well as their felonies and disloyalties—rise to, or stoop to the level where they can no longer be ignored, papered over, sanded away or otherwise excised from the public consciousness—make that conscience.  Well this is it.  About four decades of intrigues, thefts, racketeering, bribes and extortions are enough.  

The beginning would be the end, of the email thing, that is, wherein existing evidence is worked through and augmented with findings just screaming for examination.  In one of the supreme ironies of modern shady politics, all that will beyond question lead to the excesses and tawdry misconduct of the so-called “Clinton Foundation” and its bastard child, the “Clinton Global Initiative.”  In point of fact it was the whole purpose of that home brew email server to permit those lazy scoundrels to ply their crooked trade in political intrigue at the highest levels; Saudi princes, Russian goons and even hapless Haitian bureaucrats seeking money for their starving people, all found their laundry soiled through the dirty server, and at times the creepy functionaries who were perpetually working all sides for the financial benefit of the Clintons.  Abedin, Mills, Chelsea and the old fart himself, Bill, over the years of slimy excess lined the coffers of that crime family’s front and the pockets of both Bonnie and Clyde, and their success was exceeded only by their audacity and perpetual greed.

Time for the law to do its job and to prosecute these grievous bastards to its fullest extent.  Nothing short of public trial, conviction and long jail terms will suffice to scald clean the foul and putrid bowels of the Clinton organism.  Anything less will only—and still—permit such odious vermin to escape not just merited punishment, but will further tarnish and stain the already beleaguered and maligned image and substance of these United States of America.  So Mr. President Elect, maybe it’s another opportunity to shut up and let the law work.

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