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The Primaries Next Time


            Over the past three election cycles we have, here in the Hoosier state, seen the coming of age of a whole team of younger, more attractive Republicans making their way into the Congress.  Rokita, Young, Brooks, Bucshon, Stutzman, Messer, and Walorski all came with a tough new look and perspective, and the vocabulary was pretty impressive.  All have won reelection at least once by now and impressive committee appointments have begun to stack up in their resumes.  But as they have matured they have all steadily moved to the middle and the establishment of the John Boehner-led Republican majority in the House. 

            The whole crowd voted for “CROMNIBUS” the last week of December, approving a $1.1 Trillion budget and fully funding not only that killer beast ObamaCare but also tacitly the constitution-destroying executive Amnesty that the President has stuck in our backs.  Then while Hoosiers were still rocking and reeling from that one, they all did it again and voted to keep Cryin’ Charlie as Speaker.  Now not to forget, Stutzman did NOT vote for either of those horrific ideas, but he was the lone Republican to refrain.

            I suggested on air the other day that it would be interesting if these folks were to ask for a show of hands at their next town hall meeting of constituents for those who supported those two votes.  Doubt it comes up, really. . .But we know the result if anyone had the courage to ask the question, that’s for sure.  And knowing to a certainty what the reaction would be, and knowing further the kind of tough-talking rhetoric that has characterized their campaign speeches, one wonders just what kind of new reality, or promises, or threats, etc., resulted in such remarkable behavior. 

            Well one thing is pretty clear about Indiana politics at that level; lots of folks eagerly eye those seats and it is routine for there to be plenty of competition, especially in those “safe” Republican districts where the primary typically determines the winner in the November election.  So I would suggest we all stay tuned as the next election cycle takes shape, because I have a hunch those two votes were a bridge too far for a lot of Indiana conservatives here in the heartland.

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