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Time To Really Win One


In 1969, as a college junior and advanced course cadet in the Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corp (ROTC—oh, and Mr. President, it’s pronounced “Core”, not CORPSE like a dead body), life was getting pretty serious for me and my family.  Engaged to be married, only about three semesters to go until graduation, impending commissioning in the US Army and probable deployment to flight school, what was happening in Vietnam was becoming very relevant in my 20 year old life. 

            One weekend evening, home at Mom and Dad’s to visit, we watched a documentary on one of the networks that dealt with some hill in the central highlands of Vietnam where Americans had fought and died in big numbers to secure that especially important real estate.  At the end of what was a very dramatic presentation the narrator told his audience that, having secured the hill at great cost, for some reason the brass decided we didn’t need it after all, and we withdrew.  I was at first mystified, then infuriated, and finally just emotionally beaten.  To have sacrificed such precious lives, expended such treasure in the effort, and then to have abandoned not just the success but the effort spun this soon-to-be second lieutenant right out of his socks.

            Well I never got there, never got called to flight school, and ended up going to law school after first attending the cadet officer candidate camp the summer I graduated from IU.  My commission went largely unused except for one promotion that related exclusively to how long I had been an officer when I finished law school, and that was followed by 3 months of Military Police Officers’ Basic at scenic Ft. Gordon, Ga.  But I never forgot about that hill in the central highlands.  To this day the story leaves me sick inside. 

            President Obama has done it again, this time in a huge way.  Lt. Col. Oliver North, USMC ret., was my guest today on the show; good friend and very loyal to us over many years.  He talked about the inexplicable and precipitous withdrawal from Iraq, after so much sacrifice and valor was expended.  He talked about Fallujah, Ramadi, and other names emblazoned on the souls of Americans over the past decade, and in that connection reported on the air bombardment now in progress in both places as well as many others all across that country—all of which we had fought, bled and died to take only a few short years ago.  But just like that bloody hill in Vietnam in 1969, poor cowardly leadership from America’s Left cast all that gain aside for political reasons that have never made any sense.

            Now we expend millions of dollars every time we send our planes out into harm’s way again, this time to attack an enemy called ISIS that would never have had a chance without our feckless and mushy-headed retreat from victory.  And what we must talk about—and what I will write about in additional postings—is how we get to such insane places in our own and the world’s history, and what must occur if we are to avoid it again.

 Fighting wars is much like getting pregnant; just can’t do it “a little.”  Either you are or you are not.  Time to fight until the enemy either surrenders absolutely or until they are all dead.  It’s that simple.  And until we and the world have leadership that has the stomach and the backbone to do that, those remote hills and those hot little towns will continue to suck the life out of our best servants, and we will continue to encourage what now turns out to be the most barbaric and depraved enemy yet.  And that’s saying something when we remember the Japanese, the Nazis, the communist Chinese and the Soviets.

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